Linux on Nintendo Switch

Linux on Nintendo Switch

An unpatchable bootrom exploit for Tegra devices that allows the execution of code while bypassing the security features of the chip, is now available publicly to anyone to start messing around with. Currently the most popular exploit chain using it is Fail0verflow’s ShofEL2 exploit and Linux loader as right now it is the only software an end-user can run that has also been publicly released.

Currently launching homebrew is limited to systems on firmware version 3.0.0. Since I have updated past that version to play newer games I haven’t been able to get my hands dirty messing around with it yet, but have been itching to try. With this release every Switch currently manufactured can eventually run homebrew applications. This excites me, but is still not useful for what I want.

While it isn’t exactly what I want right now, Switch Linux is something I can mess with right now until CFW comes along. So I built all the packages, and put an Arch Linux aarch64 rootfs on an SD card and can boot to a login prompt on the Switch. On its own it’s functionally useless, but cool anyway. The part of the hacking community like me who aren’t so good at reversing hardware and software but enjoy messing with the system otherwise anyway has been lit on fire and now everyone is trying to work together to try and get an actual graphical desktop running on the Switch. This is something I really enjoy about console hacking communities and I’m happy to be a part of it once more.

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